Aerial Service

Photographic Information

Photo Shoot — $325.00

Aerial services include the aircraft, pilot and photo supplies.

Additional flight time is charged at the rate of $50.00 per Hobbs hour.

The customer will be able to view digital files. Selected photos will be priced based on size and quantity.

The right of commercial use extend to the first party only. use of the photos in publications, brochures, postcards and annual reports without further release from the photographer is not permitted and is protected under copyright laws. Original photos taken, whereby all custody and rights are relinquished to the customer, are subject to negotiation depending on use, publication and circulation.

Gift Ideas

  • Personal — an aerial photo can be a great gift for a special occasion or for that “hard to shop for” person.
  • Corporate — a great way to say thank you to a special employee or for employees to thank a special boss

Real Estate

The best way to sell your property is to display it in an aerial photo. Realtors can also use aerial photos as closing gifts. Architects can show potential clients an aerial photo of the finished design of their home. Commercial properties especially lend themselves to aerial photography because of their size and design

Governmental Planning

Land use and development can be greatly enhanced through aerial photography.

Construction Projects

Aerial photos are a great way to chronicle a building project ending with a photo of the completed project.

Business Promotional Services

Many businesses can promote their product with the use of aerial photos in brochures and flyers:

  • Hotels
  • Ski Resorts
  • Golf Courses
  • Schools
  • Airports

Website Use of Photos

Air to Air Photographic Services

Legal Uses

  • Property Disputes
  • Shoreline erosion and contamination


  • Football games
  • Baseball games
  • Weddings
  • Races